Navigation that Works

client: Capital One
role: UX & UI Design

Overview: Designed primarily for Desktop, this Navbar has three states. The first state, collapsed, allows a user to view the slimmed-down NavBar on the left-hand side regardless of where she / he may be within the application. This affords the user a larger workspace while keeping a user rooted by remaining in sight at all times. The second state, hover over, allows a user to view the navigation items simply by hovering over the navbar. For immediate access, with fewer clicks, a user can speedily move through the application features. Once the cursor is moved away from the navbar, the nav collapses and allows the user to get back to work. The third state, locked, allows a user to lock the navbar in place. The workspace reduces in size to accomodate the persistent navigational component. This navbar delivers what the user needs and moves aside when the task is complete. Built for access, speed, and organization, this navigation can easily scale as the list of nav items grows. This is navigation that works, with you.

strategy: Sketch, Design Principles, InVision, HTML, CSS, Javascript