Journey Mapping

client: Capital One
role: UX Research & Design

Overview: I worked with product teams to understand a pain points and created a visual narrative to understand the intent and motivation behind each customer. Through this process, user personas were created to support working context. Creating a story arc helped highlight a customer's frustration, the climactic rise, as they work to achieve his / her task(s). The arc revealed opportunities to support, influence, or change the way in which a user works to reach his / her goal. I use storyboards to strip away complexities and rely on visuals to set the scene and highlight the plot. In doing so, it challenges the mind to emphasize the critical elements of story and yet frees thought to be imaginative and unlimited in animation. As an experience designer and collaborative member of feature development teams, this approach helps me [and teams] to step out of the weeds of the day-to-day and explore the world we work in from a new vantage point. As a result, we were able to convert research into narrative, narrative into experience, and by understanding experience could then extract opportunities for new features.

strategy: Whiteboarding, Journey Mapping, Story Arcs, Storyboarding, User Personas, Planning Canvas