Guidance & Governance

client: Capital One
role: UX & UI Design

Overview: Data is only as reliable as the system that collects it. By providing the user with a guiding stepper, creating new entries in the system became simple, faster, and safer. Using a stepper and applying conditional logic as the user moves towards completing his / her task, has reduced the cognitive load from the user and instead, the system does all the heavy lifting. The UI may seem basic, simple, or dare I say forgettable, which is the intent of this design. Making an interface that more closely aligns with a user's expectation - resulting in less frustrating and greater ease of use - inevitably makes backend design and logic more complex. Working with development, product, and teams of prospective users, this two-step creation flow is the first step in creating a digital message that will reach millions of users.

strategy: Sketch, Design Principles, InVision