Enterprise Research

client: Capital One
role: Enterprise Research

Overview: While thinking about how to design an internal enterprise tool, it became critical to first learn about the needs of users across departments. I was challenged by the complexity of needs across our prospective users, though prepared for the nuance in proclivities - the doing, thinking, working - of users. To design with universality, simplicity and sustainability in mind, I worked to collect experiences and unpack meaning by working with the product team to conduct enterprise research. Using Empathy Interviews, Ideation and Design Thinking methodologies the product team was able to capture, analyze and define the value of needs to the user [and the business]. Our efforts helped lay the foundation for effective, simple, elegant, cost-saving and risk-reducing design. Research lended itself to development teams and architects, igniting conversation on scalability of service and impacted our enterprise system.

strategy: Empathy Interviews, Ideation, Design Thinking, Wordcloud