Hi, I'm Rick

I've found myself to be a perpetual student, drawn ever deeper into thought by an appetite for creativity, ingenuity, and understanding. This deep love of learning has driven me into the world of technology.

I’m a creative, balancing my days between opportunities in enterprise solutions, growth and leadership within my teams, and water-cooler talks with my WFH colleagues; my dog and cat.

When looking at my background, some say I fell into the world of IT. Some say, I jumped. Bob Ross may say it was a “happy accident”. Looking back, I see that I developed and evolved in my career through a series of deliberate choices, accepting all moments as a means to grow, and through the help and feedback of friends and critics. Throughout the last decade, I’ve centered myself around the process of learning. I have a penchant for learning, thinking about learning, assessing teams and consumers to find opportunities for learning, and to transform experiences to encourage learning.

I have had the good fortune of working as a front-end engineer, side by side with QA, designer, researcher, and played the role of Product Owner in Agile teams. Over the last 10 years I’ve practiced, and tuned, the ways in which experiences ship in education, real estate, recreation, finance, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications.

I welcome any opportunity to chat with teams about the successes found, the challenges faced, and the ways that may help bring about the world dreampt of. It has afforded me the opportunity to learn and grow through the experiences I helped shape and create.

— Rick

How I Help Teams